Cheater’s Holiday Calendar

Can you really accomplish everything you need to do between now and New Year’s?  You can if you follow our handy holiday can-do calendar—and if you’re open to a little cheating along with your efforts at efficiency.

November 15  Suggest to sister-in-law that she host Thanksgiving this year while you host Christmas. Yes, of course you will bring your famous whipped sweet potatoes and pecan pie!

November 25  Emergency! Refrigerator malfunction. No time to replace ingredients and cook now; you’ll have to buy the potatoes and pie. (And yes, that totally counts as a white lie.)

November 27  Beg off extended family festivities to get a head start on your Christmas shopping. But, surprise, the mall is really too crowded to shop. Duck into a movie instead, grabbing some theater gift certificates as stocking stuffers.

December 1  Join Twitter and follow all your far-flung friends and relatives. Who needs to write Christmas greetings when you can tweet them?

December 7  Find online shop, any shop, that carries one item, any item, in a wide range of colors. Order one (umbrella, T-shirt, whatever) in each color and have them sent to everyone in family who is unlikely to gather in same room.

December 12  Invite entire neighborhood to a tree-trimming party. Sit back and watch them decorate (and resist urge to rearrange the ornaments).

December 17  Inform spouse that, due to the stressful nature of the holidays, your gift is a couples spa weekend—and look at that, his bag is already packed.

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