Texting Troubles

When Parents Text

Some people say technology, especially texting and social media, is ruining human communication by creating distance in relationships. Webpreneurs Lauren Kaelin and Sophia Fraioli disagree.

Both Kaelin’s and Fraioli’s parents started texting to communicate more frequently with their daughters—especially in 2006 when the girls left their Montclair homes to attend New England colleges. Their parents’ early texting attempts gave them such a laugh that last November the pair launched a website dedicated to texting blunders between parents and children.

There is no shortage of material for their site, “When Parents Text,” which gets an average of 5 million page views per month and receives 100 to 200 daily gems, such as:

Mom: Do you want to see the Justin Beaver concert tommorrow?
Dad: mt dishwasher!
Me: Mount dishwasher?
Dad: No, empty dishwasher, I was being cool.

Kaelin and Fraioli select their top picks to post to the site, where viewers can vote, share and tweet their favorites. “I was surprised that parents’ texting was universally so amusing,” Kaelin says. “But we asked our friends and everyone had an example.”

The site’s popularity prompted a book version due for September release. When Parents Text: So Much Said…So Little Understood (Workman Publishing) is a compilation of the site’s funniest text conversations, plus never-before-published content. “Of course we’re poking a little fun at our parents, but it is in no way mean-spirited,” Fraioli says. “[We] strive to point out the technological gap that exists today between parents and kids. We love our parents and love the texts we get from them.”

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