Get Moving to Move On

ON THE MOVE: Lockey Maisonneuve’s MovingOn program helps motivate cancer survivors.

ON THE MOVE: Lockey Maisonneuve’s MovingOn program helps motivate cancer survivors.

For most of her life, Lockey Maisonneuve, 45, found it nearly impossible to accept help from others, but after surviving Stage III breast cancer, the Cranford resident not only has learned to accept help, but also found her passion in helping others move beyond their illness through a new program called MovingOn (

In September 2009, drawing from her journey and her experience as a certified personal trainer, Maisonneuve developed group exercise programs to empower women who have experienced chemotherapy, radiation and reconstructive surgery. The program is designed to encourage them regain their strength and flexibility. “After radiation and surgery, many women are afraid to move their bodies because everything feels different. But if you don’t start using your body again, you’re never going to feel better,” she says.

During the sessions, Maisonneuve shares her feelings about her experience as she guides women through gentle and fluid movements that encourage the opening of the chest.

“Lockey’s program is more than just an exercise class,” says one participant. “It is a place to go to be with other breast cancer survivors. We learned to move and stretch again and, by doing so, we learned we could reclaim our bodies from this disease.”

This fall, sessions will be held at Overlook Hospital in Summit, the Summit Medical Group in Berkeley Heights, the Steeplechase Cancer Center in Somerville, and as a part of a new seminar series at St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick. Advanced sessions are offered at the Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA.
“So many women emerge from treatment and surgery and don’t know where to begin,” says Maisonneuve, who serves on the Community Advisory Board of the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center at Overlook Hospital in Summit. “My goal is to not only give them a place to begin, but the training and encouragement to find physical and mental strength, and the ability to move on.”

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