17 Signs You’re A Grownup

  1. You worry more about whether you have all the books, supplies, and lunch stuff organized for the first day of school than about what anybody is going to wear.
  2. Your only impulse on encountering a big pile of leaves is to bag them up and set them on the curb.
  3. Wake up at 6:45 am? No problem!
  4. One of your favorite things about the new season: All those yummy fall comfort foods like meatloaf, butternut squash and Brussels sprouts.
  5. All the teachers seem so nice.
  6. You’re so much happier wearing nice woolly sweaters than bathing suits.
  7. On Halloween, you try not to eat the candy.
  8. All the teachers seem so nice.
  9. You’re able to walk into the principal’s office without breaking into a cold sweat or trembling from head to toe.
  10. You can’t wait to spend long, cool nights with nothing to do but read a good book.
  11. How great to have some structure to the days again!
  12. When the guy down the street makes a weird face and avoids you, you never wonder whether he has a crush on you.
  13. You can’t believe how fast 3 o’clock comes every day.
  14. You absolutely never have any urge to climb the monkey bars.
  15. Blasting Ke$ha really does not help you concentrate.
  16. If you had a friend who texted and called you 68 times a day, you’d stop being her friend.
  17. Actually, you can wait until Christmas.

Ways to Upgrade Your Life

Spending money recently became a lot easier for me when someone (probably a shop owner) told me I should think of it not as buying more junk that I don’t need, but as upgrading.

Upgrading. I like that. Now, instead of buying a black cardigan just like the six I already have in my closet, I’ll splurge on one that’s made of a thicker, softer cashmere. Rather than lying in yet more bargain bin sheets, I’ll buy a set made of the luxuriously high thread count in the color I really love.

This principle applies to life elements that have nothing to do with money, too, from diet to friends to how you spend your time. Be honest: Couldn’t almost every element of your life use a bump-up?
Your kids have moved up to a new grade; here are ways you can, too.

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