Social Butterfly – Summer 2010

Dianne and Rod Ryan of Open Road Auto Group were honored on Saturday, April 24, by Somerset Hills Handicapped Riding Center. The event was held at BMW of Morristown and raised more than $180,000. One lucky winner drove away in a crimson red BMW pace car.

From left: Jaime Werbel, Lora Butler, Paul Butler, and Matthew Werbel

From left: Mrs. DiRienzo, Patti Teggenborg, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kasper, Orlando Di Rienzo

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Marki

From left: Brittany Warnock (co-chair), Dianne Ryan, and Laura Brucker (co-chair)

From left: Brittany Warnock, Robert Warnock, Hank Brucker, and Nancy DiRienzo

From left: Jaimie Morais and Kelly Ketterson

From left: Susan Landmesser, Ann Villa, and Debbie Brucker

Jill Friedland (SHHRC parent)

Princess Katie Borghese

From left: Chris LaToree and Laura Brucker (after LaToree bids big on Telluride condo)

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  • Lily Li