Catching up with Olivia Chantecaille

As creative director of Chantecaille, her family’s eponymous cosmetics and skin-care line, Olivia Chantecaille has a keen sense of what stylish women crave. Immersed in the industry at a tender age, Olivia has worked closely with her mother, Sylvie Chantecaille, since the company’s inception.

In fact, Olivia grew up surrounded by laboratory samples and color charts as she accompanied Sylvie on research-and-development trips for her former job as head of Prescriptives. Today, Olivia creates trendsetting color ideas for products, oversees package designs and develops seasonal presentations for editors.

I had the pleasure of meeting this dynamic tastemaker as she was gearing up for the spring launch of Chantecaille’s Coral Reefs Palette. While new product introductions are nothing unusual, this one is special to Olivia.

“I’m particularly passionate about our Coral Reefs Palette because 5 percent of proceeds will benefit the efforts of the Marine Conservation Institute,” she says. “Although the earth is primarily blue, fewer than one half of 1 percent of the world’s oceans are protected—far below the 10 percent target set by the Convention on Biological Diversity. We especially want to protect coral reefs because they create spectacular undersea ecosystems, home to thousands of plant and animal species.”

Check out Chantecaille’s gorgeous Coral Reefs compact embossed with a coral design.

Eye shades in Pink Pearl, Reef, Driftwood–and a cheek shade in Coral–are accented with subtle gold shimmer that adds a healthy glow.

Eye shades in Pink Pearl, Reef, Driftwood–and a cheek shade in Coral–are accented with subtle gold shimmer that adds a healthy glow.

Olivia, who grew up in Far Hills, now resides in Manhattan, just across the street from her friend, fashion designer Derek Lam. She says that her limited-edition Coral Reefs Palette complements the corals, yellows and blues in Lam’s Spring 2012 collection. A full line of paraben-free Chantecaille skin-care, makeup and fragrance products is available through Neiman Marcus Short Hills and

Coming into Bloom
Spring is here—and there are so many reasons to be excited about the change of season.
Although we love our tights and boots, it’s time to lighten up, girls. The hottest looks for spring include:

  1. chunky platforms and wedge shoes
  2. iridescent fabrics and sequins
  3. batik and ikat prints
  4. bright, mixed-media bags and shoes
  5. “Rorschach inkblot” prints
  6. bright and patterned pants
  7. skinny pants with unusual belts
  8. playfully patterned, layered looks
  9. full and accordion-pleated skirts
  10. lots of white, especially long white dresses
  11. silver strappy sandals
  12. retro styles and vintage finds
  13. perky pink and spring’s new neutral: yellow.

Think about updating your hairstyle, too. Try bangs a la Zooey Deschanel and Reese Witherspoon. Or invest in a Coppola keratin treatment to ward off frizzy warm-weather locks. (Look for my keratin beauty report in our next issue.)

While you’re pulling weeds and sprucing up your flower beds in April and May, schedule your personal spring cleanup, too. Zap blackheads with facial peels, conceal spider veins, tone problem areas and wax, wax, wax.
Looking and feeling your best is one more reason to celebrate the season!

Fun Find: Somerset Hills StyList

Jaimie Ryan Morais of Far Hills, aka the Somerset Hills StyList (, began her new business and blog to highlight the keen fashion sense of the beautifully put-together set in North Central New Jersey.

“What began as a list of fabulous women who know what works for them, their bodies and their lifestyles, has grown to incorporate much more,” Morais says. The Somerset Hills StyList blog now includes what-to-wear and how-to-wear fashion advice, trends and ideas for those who appreciate a casually elegant lifestyle. Morais also provides personal shopping and styling assistance.

“My clients are uber-busy business women who don’t have time to comb through racks of clothes,” Morais says. “Some contact me only for cocktail parties and black-tie events, and some call on the eve of! Regardless of your personal needs, my objective is to dress the most beautiful you


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