Showing a Little Leg

Your legs take a lot in stride. Show your support for all the times they’ve tackled that third flight of stairs, raced to catch a train and helped you hail a cab. Give your gams a makeover and show them off this spring.

Warmer days are just around the corner, so it’s time to peel off those black tights, surrender your boots and begin to triage your
situation. If your pasty bare legs are in a state of emergency, begin transforming them into smooth, toned, tawny works of art, worthy of short skirts, cute capris and swimwear.

Get some Color

If you were lucky enough to hop to a resort over the winter months, you might have a little more color than the rest of us. But if your hibernating limbs haven’t seen a swimsuit since last August, you’ll want them to carry you to Olive Organic Tan Spa in Montclair (427 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair; 973-818-8828). Owner Monika Emad’s treatments can help you look like you just returned from a

Week-long island getaway.

You’ll find no tanning beds or UV rays at Olive Organic Tan Spa. Emad’s exclusive formula includes only natural ingredients such as sugar, white tea and grapefruit extracts, and aloe. There are no chemicals or preservatives. “My clients keep coming back because I’m the only person in the world with this combination that produces a natural golden tan. We don’t do orange tans here,” she says.

The formula is sprayed on with a fine mist and lasts about seven to 10 days. Emad says it’s best to have a treatment right before a vacation because the sun will enhance the effects of her spray tanning. Services are $28 for half the body or $48 for head-to-toe spraying.

Scare away spider veins

Just when you started getting used to hiding your legs under winter clothes, it’s time to face the music. Those spider veins, which are actually enlarged capillaries, aren’t going to go away on their own, and they could actually worsen. In a couple of months, wouldn’t you love to be able to wear cute skirts, shorts and swimwear without worrying about legs that look like streetmaps?

“With today’s fast and painless procedures, we can effectively treat and control spider veins with good to excellent results,” says Dr. Harry Agis of the Vein Institute of New Jersey (800-954-8346; located in Morristown, Sparta, Shrewsbury and Princeton. Since several treatments could be required, it makes sense to start well before swimsuit season.

“Tiny veins are usually treated with injections or superficial laser therapy or both—and patients will notice significant improvement in about a month,” says Agis. “In the past, a concentrated salt solution was the primary method to eliminate spider veins, but today we use highly effective and affordable polidocanol injections, which are approved by the FDA and are virtually painless.”

Spider veins often can be eliminated in the doctor’s office for about $200 to $300 a treatment; the cosmetic procedure typically is not covered by insurance.

Large, protruding varicose veins, which usually run in families, are a different story. Those need to be evaluated immediately by a physician using ultrasound. Not only are they unsightly, but they can affect your health in the form of aching, throbbing, cramping and swelling. Agis says 30 to 40 percent of the general population exhibits signs of venous disease, but men are less likely to seek treatment and usually need to be nudged. Many varicose vein procedures are covered by insurance because treatment is medically necessary and not simply cosmetic.

Get tough with cellulite

Heavily influenced by the European style of skincare, Dr. Aurora De Juliis, medical director of the Aurora De Juliis European Medical Spa (973-338-6300; in Bloomfield, uses non-invasive treatments and lifestyle adjustments to combat visually unpleasant medical conditions like cellulite.

Mesotherapy, the practice of superficially inserting fine needles into the skin to deliver medication (a blend of pharmaceutical and homeopathic agents, natural extracts and vitamins) directly to the problem area, is one such technique already popular in France and Italy. “The medicine helps drain the water and fat that accumulated in the cellulite,” De Juliis explains. After the injections, the body begins to re-absorb the extra fluid and fat remaining in the cellulite.

While mesotherapy, which also stimulates collagen, may seem like a miracle treatment, it doesn’t erase cellulite overnight. Length of treatment depends on the patient, but De Juliis says most see results after six to eight treatments. “Since it’s not painful, there is no downtime between treatments, usually once a week,” she says. Although mesotherapy can help wipe out cellulite, De Juliis recommends changes in diet, wardrobe and exercise to prevent the condition from returning.

Take time to tone up

Pool party! If those words strike fear in your heart, you’re not alone.

Start right away and you can get three months of exercise under your belt before those pool soiree invitations fill up your mailbox. “The important thing is to just start moving around,” says Francesca Pucher, fitness expert and co-owner of   Fitness 121 (973-535-1177; in Roseland.

“Do whatever you enjoy—walking, treadmill, pilates, cycling, squats, lunges—but do something every day,” Pucher advises. “And remember to eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and protein, and drink plenty of water. Think about visiting a training studio to get a customized program that’s just right for you. Most studios offer free evaluations and one or two free sessions, so you might as well take advantage of the opportunity.”

Start tanning, toning and banishing veins and cellulite today. Then you can look forward to morning rollerblading, afternoon swimming and sunset cocktails on the beach—because a healthy pair of legs can really take you places.

Following Their Dream

West Orange Biggest Loser Contestants Weigh in

Reality TV Stars: Jay Jacobs and daughter Jennifer Jacobs of West Orange landed spots on Biggest Loser.

Reality TV Stars: Jay Jacobs and daughter Jennifer Jacobs of West Orange landed spots on Biggest Loser.

A couple of years ago, Jay Jacobs and daughter Jennifer Jacobs of West Orange dreamed of appearing on NBC’s The Biggest Loser reality show and dropping weight in front of a nationwide viewing audience. And that’s just what they did, by beating out tens of thousands of other hopefuls and securing two coveted spots on the hit program.

Jay and Jennifer—along with mom Kim and brother Matt-—now find that their lives have turned on a dime as their days revolve around weight loss and “the show.”

Until the season finale on May 24, “Team Green” will continue to shed some serious pounds as they attempt not to be voted off the show by rival contestants. But, hey, even if they are sent packing, Biggest Loser fans will attest that anything is possible on this show. Those voted off can return—and those who stay at home can still win big money if they lose enough weight on their own time. The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on NBC. Stay tuned.

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