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HOMETOWN HOT SPOT: Donato Maselli at Market Restaurant in Harding.

HOMETOWN HOT SPOT: Donato Maselli at Market Restaurant in Harding.

Why Harding Township? We moved to Harding Township only three years ago, but I feel as if I belonged here all my life. The first time I (accidentally) drove through, I was seduced by its beauty. The winding country roads, historic farmhouses, barns and mills, as well as miles of paths…[They] are all part of this rural landscape that is registered with national and NJ registers of historic places. When the long-awaited opportunity presented itself to design and build my own home, I was thrilled to contribute to and become a permanent part of this historic fabric.

Favorite local spots? Our two young sons, Marco and Lorenzo, love being outdoors and visiting Bayne Park, especially in the winter for sleigh riding and ice skating…it’s truly like a Norman Rockwell painting. In the warmer months, we spend weekends bike riding on the country roads and paths, enjoying the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and playing ball at the Harding Township school grounds.

Tell us more about your work: I wanted to be an architect since I was seven years old and my parents were renovating my childhood home on Long Island. I  was heavily influenced by the art and architecture of Long Island’s Gold Coast estates and their landscapes. Now, as a partner at  Brandes Maselli Architects [along with Michael Brandes], that early influence has transformed into creating timeless buildings with a modern approach that combines traditional sensibilities and respect for the natural environment.

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This article appeared in the Mar/Apr 2011 issue.
Credits: Photographed by Jennifer Pottheise
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