Writing from the Heart

Jeanne Westervelt Rice

Jeanne Westervelt Rice

If you want to leverage the power of writing for personal growth, creative expression or professional development, Jeanne Westervelt Rice suggests you pick up a pen.

Rice, who resides in Mendham with her husband and two sons, recently launched My Journal Coach (973-543-2497; myjournalcoach.com), a business that helps participants experience positive action through self-truth and awareness.

“Our individual coaching sessions, thematic workshops and customized corporate programs help people gain a deeper understanding of their true nature so they can operate from a place of authenticity and make a positive impact on the world around them,” says Rice, a certified journaling facilitator. With 25 years of corporate communication under her belt, she has coached hundreds of Fortune 500 executives in public speaking and business writing skills.

“You don’t need to be a business person or even a writer to benefit from our workshops because you already are a writer, just as much as you are a speaker,” says Rice, who has a master’s degree in journalism and is a lifelong journaler. “Every one of us has his or her own natural voice and style.”

Workshop participants are provided notebooks in which to capture thoughts and feelings that emerge through gently guided writing exercises. Participants are invited to share their writing or reflections within the safe and confidential environment of the group if they wish, but are never expected to share or read aloud.

“My goal is to help participants gain clarity from their inner wisdom by tapping into deeply stored feelings and knowledge. Journaling can be an absolutely joyous experience,” says Rice.

The next reflective writing workshop begins on February 21 and meets three consecutive Tuesday evenings in Mendham.

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